The White Paper
Europe's 500 Entrepreneurs for Growth welcomes the conclusions of the European Council summits in Lisbon and Feira, which represent a recognition of the critical importance of entrepreneurs for wealth and job creation.

The White Paper endorses European Council's aspiration that the European Union should become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world.

Full report on The White Paper (pdf)

'Not Just Peanuts' Report 2001
During the European Council Summit in Lisbon held in March 2000, EU leaders established a target for Europe: the European Union should become the most competitive economy in the world. Commenting on this in his address to the UNICE Conference for SMEs in May 2004, Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner responsible for Enterprise and Information Society, stated: “Not only is it essential that enterprise issues continue to remain high on the political agenda, but also that we pursue the necessary reforms with urgency and determination. To achieve the Lisbon goal, we must use the full potential of entrepreneurship. Europe will never be really competitive as long as we are less entrepreneurial than our competitors.”

So, what can Europe do to stimulate a more entrepreneur-friendly environment?

This report looks at the answer as seen through the eyes of the entrepreneurs leading European growth, who, in spite of unfavourable legislation and taxation, have been able to create fast-growing companies. GrowthPlus, today Europe's 500 Entrepreneurs for Growth, asked entrepreneurs to identify key areas that most affect entrepreneurial growth. The study that follows, carried out by Andersen, focuses on these areas, which have been grouped into three main sectors: Funding, People and Business Environment.

“Not Just Peanuts” is an annual benchmark analysing the entrepreneurial environment in Europe. The partnership responsible for the report, Andersen and GrowthPlus, ensures that the benchmark is based on facts and tangible information, collated by experts, whilst being firmly rooted in the realities of the business environment from the entrepreneurs’ perspective.

See Full Report on Not Just Peanuts Report 2001 (pdf)

'What Goliath Can Learn'
Report 2000 What Goliath Can Learn is a Boston Consulting Group report published in April 2000 that shows the hidden role models in value creation and entrepreneurship. This report is a broad research programme started in 1999 in order to generate benchmarks and new learnings on Europe's most dynamic entrepreneurs and their companies.

This report shows that Europe's most dynamic entrepreneurs not only grow in terms of employment and turnover, they also grow profitably, and they create superior value from the investors' point of view.

Achieving growth is never-ending challenge. This report can add some insights on how to master it.

Full Report on What Goliath Can Learn (pdf)

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