Innovation & Growth Financing

Innovation & Growth Financing remains by far the most critical issue for developing entrepreneurship in Europe. Too many important gaps exist in Europe preventing entrepreneurs with growth potential from finding appropriate sources of finance for their business projects.

Europe’s 500 Entrepreneurs for Growth seeks to promote sustainable solutions in order to reduce the equity gap without distorting competition or calling for more State aids or programmes.

High-level policy meeting on "Innovation" in Paris on December 8, 2006 organised by Microsoft and Science Business
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Project in progress

Europe’s 500 – Entrepreneurs for Growth, the association for fast-growing companies in Europe, has developed a financing concept that closes the gap between the bank loan and venture capital market as well as reducing the financial risk for growth companies. Governmental or EU guarantees shall be granted to the companies against a yearly risk reward fee according to their risk rating. This means that the State would even be able to make a profit.

Financing Presentation delivered by Martin Schoeller at Handelsblatt Forum on 5 May. download (ppt)

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Prof. Dr. Hans Waschkowski
Advisory Board Growth Financing, Financial Consultant
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International trade and social standards

The “wealth of nations” was one of the main concerns of Adam Smith. Today Adam Smith is quoted when the discussion on removing trade barriers focuses on globalization.

Globalization offers an enormous exchange of goods and an increase in wealth in a number of developed countries and the “Fast-Developing-Nations” (Schwellenländer in German). For the poorest countries, however, globalization does not yet really improve the situation for the largest proportion of the population and the living conditions remain poor in spite of the globalization. Extremist groups are even blaming globalization as being the reason for continued poverty. So far it has been a big challenge to show improvement (for example in Latin America). The tensions in connection with globalization and third world poverty leads to political unrest and even favour terrorism in some countries.

It is obvious that there is a correlation of income per capita / wages and the most relevant social indicators. We do not want to emphasize on what is well known – the poorer the salaries the more terrible are the problems – but we want to create awareness that an increase in income can be the right strategy to solving many of the most important issues simultaneously. An increase in income for the weakest will allow the free markets and the state to provide more of what is urgently needed. Our goal is to develop a strategy to really help them to help themselves by creating incentives and mechanisms that lead to an increase of wages.

A project was started from Europe’s 500 – Entrepreneurs for Growth together with MVV Beratung & Ingenieure (Germany).

December 2006
Martin Schoeller "Going Asia": Article (pdf)

Find more about here: ICCFairWages (pdf)

Marin Schoeller, President of Europe's 500 on Fair Wages: Article (pdf)

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